Playster Offices, Montreal, QC

Playster is a young and fast-moving company that provides a global subscription-based entertainment service. In order to give its clients an environment suited to their energy and creativity, ACDF transformed the company’s headquarters located on Peel Street using the power of design and colour.


The architects proposed a vibrant chromatic pattern that reinvents the 18,000-square-foot space. Reminiscent of the company’s logo, the blocks of colour on the walls and the carpets create a strong visual impact. In their progression, the different shades define specific zones spreading in a fluid movement.

The colours encourage team gatherings in the open space and stimulate a sense of belonging among the employees: each team has its own colour! The occupants can also easily shape their environment to their needs. ACDF’s open-plan workspace design adapts to small-group work sessions and to larger collaborative, and creative atmospheres.

A white corridor was used to balance the strong identity of the colourful areas. Like a backbone, it connects meeting rooms and links the bright sections to one another. It functions as a place where one can catch his or her breath, contrasting with the lively vibe of the offices. White vinyl panels in the corridor create several breakout areas where employees can have a chat and take a break from their busy schedule.

ACDF adopted responsible practices on both ecological and economical levels when designing Playster’s offices. In order to make the best out of the existing setting, and thus saving resources and money, the architects started with a careful analysis of the layout. In that perspective, original components were reused and completely reimagined. The different rooms and open spaces that existed are restructured by the clever play of bright colours and white surfaces.

Playster now enjoys flexible and stimulating offices, where creative work emerges from fruitful social interactions.


Client : Playster
Location : Montréal, Qc
Completion : Janvier 2017
Area : 1 670 m2
Budget : 1.22 M$
Architect : ACDF Architecture
Structural Engineer : N/A
Mechanical and Electrical Engineers : Christian R.Roy inc.
Project manager: CBRE
General Contractor : Avicor
Photographer : Adrien Williams

2018 Grand Prix du Design, office between 5 000 and 20 000ft ²
2017 Best of Canada, Canadian Interiors Magazine
2017 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Awards
2017 Finalist for the Award of excellence from the ordre des architectes du Québec(OAQ)

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